Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lastly we stopped in Bologna.  This is where we spent Easter Sunday.  We did have time to go to church, which was a great experience.  First of all the church was Catholic and in Italian, so needless to say I was lost most of the time.  But I did catch the Lord's Prayer and an Alleluia here and there.  The best part of the service was the music.  The music of the choir just echoed through the huge Bologna Cathedral.


I am headed to Prague, Czech Republic this weekend for my last little travel before I return home.  I will be home May 3rd just in case anyone wants to greet me at the airport.  See you soon and I will fill in all the gaps that I have left out.  


If you are really interested our class has a blog that will be updated until we leave.  http://clemsoningenova.blogspot.com/ it has a recap of the whole semester.  Sorry, I kind of let the blog fall behind for most of the trip. But I hope you all enjoyed it for the most part even with all the horrible grammatical errors. 


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