Thursday, February 19, 2009

Siena and Rome

I would love to post more but we are on our way to Germany and Switzerland for four days...I will return on Monday with more photos and hopefully a little more detail.  Oh and I scheduled to drive on part of this trip so that should be interesting. 

My favorite place in all of Rome.  This is Villa de Este the gardens here are amazing.  We only had thirty minutes to tour around this gardens so I was very disappointed when we had to leave early.  But I am going to try to post several more pictures to show how beautiful this place really is.  Above is the "100 Lined Fountian." 
Me in front of the Parthenon.  
View of the Parthenon  at night with the a full moon in the back ground. 
View of Vatican city from on top of the Basilica.
The Pope hollered out Go TIGERS!!!! When I pulled the tiger rag out.
St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City 
Me in front of the Vitruvian Fountain

View of Siena from the top of Santa Maria Assunta the Cathedral of Siena 


  1. enough with pullin' that little orange rag out for every picture gah

  2. I am so happy you went to Siena! I love it there!!